We specialise in bespoke handmade signage for independent businesses

Personalise your space and make it stand out to visitors and clients. Commission something unique. We have just moved to East Sussex, serving clients locally and beyond!

electricsignworkshop@gmail.com |  +44 (0)7847 644759  (UK)


Some of the benefits of working with us


We will work with you to create something that looks good and has character and is not like every other sign you see on the highstreet. We can help you take your brand to the next level.

sign making expertise

We can advise on the creative as well as the technical.

Quality UK made

We only use high quality materials and components and when possible, UK made.

Competitive pricing

We’re not a big sign shop or design studio. Not having the same large overhead costs, means we can give you competitive industry prices for all our products.

High-quality, beautiful signs.

We are passionate, efficient, and want to do the best work we can for you. We are a small company with low overheads, this means we can price our signs and services at competitive rates.

Whatever the size of your project, or however outlandish you think your idea might be, please get in touch.

We are always happy to discuss your project, the effect you are trying to create, and help you find the best way to achieve it.

We love a challenge too!

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